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Hot Deals & Specials Last Update 30/08/2018 – please check in here regularly!

Please contact us personally for this Hot Deals & Specials – They are not available for online booking, group bookings and travel agents.
From time to time we have vehicles that need to be relocated from one location to another for an upcoming rental. As a result, we are happy to offer heavily discounted deals. Please keep checking on our Hot Deals & Specials as we keep updating them constantly. Some of the deals are flexible on the dates and in most cases comes with complimentary camping gear (Bush Camper Package). This daily rates are subject to $1500.00 Security Bond or Damage Liability Excess Reduction (CDLL or DLER).
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September – Relocation Hot Deals & Specials!


BCC-RTTHiluxCairns07/09/2018Sydney17/09/2018$100.007-10 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoCairns07/09/2018Sydney17/09/2018$100.007-10 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoCairns06/09/2018Melbourne21/09/2018$100.0010-15 days, unlimited km’s
Small 4WDJeepCairns07/09/2018Brisbane13/09/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCC-RTTHiluxDarwin12/09/2018Broome19/09/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCEL-GTLand Cruiser 200Brisbane04/09/2018Sydney07/09/2018$5.004 days, unlimited km’s

October – Relocation Hot Deals & Specials!


BCC-GTTHiluxDarwin19/10/2018Sydney02/11/2018$100.0010-15 days, unlimited km’s
BCC-RTTHiluxCairns05/10/2018Brisbane11/10/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCC-RTTHiluxDarwin17/10/2018Melbourne31/10/2018$100.0010-15 days, unlimited km’s
BCM-RTTFJ CruiserMelbourne12/10/2018Brisbane18/10/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoAlice Springs12/10/2018Adelaide18/10/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoCairns25/10/2018Brisbane31/11/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoSydney17/10/2018Brisbane23/10/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoDarwin17/10/2018Brisbane31/10/2018$100.0010-15 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-RTTPradoDarwin17/10/2018Brisbane31/10/2018$100.0010-15 days, unlimited km’s
Small 4WDJeepDarwin17/10/2018Brisbane31/10/2018$100.0010-15 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-RTTPradoCairns25/10/2018Brisbane31/10/2018$100.007 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-RTTPradoBroome19/10/2018Perth29/10/2018$100.007-10 days, unlimited km’s

November – Relocation Hot Deals & Specials!


BCC-GTTHiluxBroome01/11/2018Adelaide15/11/2018$100.0010-15 days, unlimited km’s
BCC-RTTHiluxDarwin02/11/2018Adelaide12/11/2018$100.0010 days, unlimited km’s
BCC-RTTHiluxAlice Springs16/11/2018Adelaide21/11/2018$5.006 days, unlimited km’s
BCM-RTTFJ CruiserDarwin02/11/2018Brisbane12/11/2018$100.0010 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoDarwin02/11/2018Adelaide12/11/2018$100.0010 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-RTTPradoDarwin02/11/2018Adelaide12/11/2018$100.0010 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-GTPradoBroome02/11/2018Perth12/11/2018$100.0010 days, unlimited km’s
BCL-RTTPradoBroome02/11/2018Perth12/11/2018$100.0010 days, unlimited km’s


All Hot Deals & Specials are subject to availability at the time of booking and Australian 4WD Hire Terms and Conditions apply.

For more information or images please refer to our Fleet Page, 4WD – Campers, Gallery Page

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